Florida State Nuclear Physics Seminar

Location: 7th Floor Seminar Room (Keen Bldg)
Time: Fridays at 2:30 p.m.

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Date Description
August 2008
25 Fall Term Begins
29 Qualifying Exams
September 2008
5 -
12 -
19 -
26 Sam Tabor (FSU): Shifting Shells
October 2008
3 -
  1. Evan McClellan (FSU): "Calibrating the CLAS Drift Chambers"
  2. Christopher Segal (FSU): "Simulations of 12C Break Up In A Twin Ionization Chamber"
  3. Holly Brown (FSU): "A Study of Carbon-16 Within the Three-Body Model"
  1. David Morris (FSU): "An interactive website for the nuclear shell model: Concordia"
  2. Kirby Kemper (FSU): "A whirlwind tour of future radioactive beam facilities"
24 Laniece Miller (FSU): "Search for Nuclear Molecules in 10B"
31 Naureen Ahsan (FSU): "Some Aspects of Reactions Involving Composite Objects"
November 2008
7 Don Robson (FSU): "From the Wonderful World of Colored Quarks to Cluster Configurations in Nuclei"
14 Joe Mitchell (FSU): "Low Lying States in 8B"
21 Jozef Dudek (ODU): "Meson spectroscopy using lattice QCD"
28 Thanksgiving
December 2008
5 Volker Crede (FSU): "The Search for Glueballs" (postponed to January)
12 Week of the Finals