Florida State Nuclear Physics Seminar

Location: 7th Floor Seminar Room (Keen Bldg)
Time: Fridays at 2:30 p.m.

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 Date  Description
August 2013
26 Fall Term Begins
30 First Week of Classes
September 2013
6 Nathan Sparks (FSU): "Extraction of the Photon Beam Asymmetry Σ in π0 Photoproduction off the Proton using the CBELSA/TAPS Experiment"
Comment: Thesis Defense, 2:00 PM (!)
13 Dr. Vandana Tripathi (FSU): "β Decay of the last Bound Cu Isotope, 55Cu: Isospin Mixing in N~Z Nuclei"
20 Jessica Baker (FSU): "Proton Resonances in 26Si and the Astrophysically Significant 25Al(d,n)26Si Reaction"
27 -
October 2013
4 Dr. Mark Riley (FSU): "The Small Matter of Big Science and Classic Nuclear Physics Studies at Liverpool University"
11 Hussein Al Ghoul (FSU): "Construction of the GlueX Time of Flight Detector at FSU"
18 Rutger Dungan (FSU): canceled
25 DNP Meeting, Newport News, VA
November 2013
1 Dr. Catherine Deibel (Faculty Candidate, Louisiana State University): "Transfer Reaction Measurements for Nuclear Astrophysics: Past, Present, and Future"
8 Melina Avila (FSU): "Clustering in 18O and ANC Measurements using (6Li, d) Reactions" (Thesis Defense)
Special Seminar (1:30 PM, UPL 101) Dr. Kathrin Wimmer (Faculty Candidate, Central Michigan University): "Tracking the Evolution of Nuclear Shell Structure in Exotic Nuclei"
15 Dr. Jeffrey Blackmon (Faculty Candidate, LSU): "Studying the nuclear physics of stellar explosions in the laboratory"
Special Seminar (11:00 AM, 7th floor) Dr. Jozef Dudek (Old Dominion & Jefferson Lab): "Hadron Resonances from QCD"
22 -
29 Thanksgiving
December 2013
6 Jeffrey Klatsky (FSU): TBA
13 Week of the Finals