Florida State Nuclear Physics Seminar

Location: 7th Floor "Kemper-Fox Seminar Room" (Keen Bldg)
Time: Fridays at 2:30 p.m.

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 Date  Description
September 2016
2 First Week of Classes
9 ------------
  1. Brittany Abromeit (FSU): "Study of the Nuclear Structure of 39P Using Beta-Delayed Gamma Spectroscopy"
  2. Konstantinos Kravvaris (FSU): "The Cluster-nucleon configuration interaction model"
  1. Johnathan Gross (FSU): "Building hybrid baryon wavefunctions"
  2. Md Mozammel Hussain (FSU): "Branching fractions of semileptonic decay of Lambda_c"
  1. Nabin Rijal (FSU): "Cross section measurements of mass-7 destruction via 7Be+d and 7Li+d nuclear reactions using ANASEN."
  2. John Parker (FSU): "Isomeric Character of the Lowest 4+ State in 44S"
October 2016
  1. Pablo Giuliani (FSU): "Where to measure? Selecting a second measurement of the weak-charge form factor of 208Pb"
  2. Maria Anastasiou (FSU): "Study of the 18Ne(α,p)21Na reaction with ANASEN and its importance in the breakout from the Hot-CNO cycle"
14 Homecoming: No classes after 1:10 pm
  1. Zulkaida Akbar (FSU): "Photoproduction of ω meson using CLAS at Jefferson Laboratory"
  2. Kyle Romines (FSU): "Photoproduction of Κ0Σ+ at CLAS"
  1. Rebeka S. Lubna (FSU): "Structure of 33P Nucleus"
  2. Jonathan Baron (FSU): "Band Termination and High-Spin Gamma-ray Spectroscopy in 157Ho"
November 2016
4 Dr. Edmund Myers (FSU): "The Anti-matter factory at CERN"
11 Veteran's Day
18 Speaker (Affiliation): "Title"
25 Thanksgiving
December 2016
2 Dr. Augusto O. Macchiavelli (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory): "On the structure of 32Mg: the 30Mg(t,p) reaction puzzle revisited"
9 Dr. John Becker (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - retired): "Life after FSU: A Career in Science at the National Labs and as an example, using GEANIE to measure the 239Pu(n,2n) Cross Section"
Special Time 1:30 pm
16 Final Exam Week