Florida State Nuclear Physics Seminar

Location: 7th Floor Seminar Room (Keen Bldg)
Time: Fridays at 2:30 p.m.

Date Description
January 2002
11 Dr. Adam Szczepaniak, Indiana University, "QCD, Confinement, Gluons, and New Forms of Matter"
18 Dr. Eberhard Klempt, University of Bonn, "Baryon Resonances and Strong QCD"
23 (Wed) Dr. Ben Zeidman, Argonne National Laboratory, "Electroproduction of Particles on Light Nuclei" [Note: Wednesday 1:30 seminar]
February 2002
8 Dr. Leigh Harwood , Jefferson Laboratory, "CEBAF at 12 GeV: QCD in nuclei and the tools that are needed to see it"
15 Dr. Paul Eugenio , Florida State University, "Using StarOffice for Way-Cool Presentations"
22 Dr. P. Gregers Hansen , Michigan State NSCL, "Experiments with Beams of Rare Isotopes: A Fifty-Year Perspective 1951-2001 "
March 2002
1 Dr. Ingo Wiedenhoever , Florida State University, "Resolut: The Future of Nuclear Astrophysics at FSU"
8 Dr. Baha Balantekin , University of Wisconsin, TBA
15 Spring Break
22 Dr. Neil Fletcher , Florida State University, "The Structure of Beryllium-10: My FInal Answer"
29 Dr. Steve Dytman , University of Pittsburgh, "Overview of Baryon Resonance Data"
April 2002
5 (Prof. Exams)
12 TBA
19 (Comps.)
26 Dr. Laith AbuRaddad , Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University, Japan "Can We Derive the Nuclear Force from Quark Dynamics?"
May 2002
31 Dr. Jorge Piekarewicz , FSU, "Details About the Nuclear Equation of State"