Florida State Nuclear Physics Seminar

Location: 7th Floor Seminar Room (Keen Bldg)
Time: Fridays at 2:30 p.m. (Unless otherwise noted)

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Date Description
February 2004
6 Dr. Ji Li (Rensselaer), "Search for Exotic Mesons in pi+ pi- pi0 decay in the reaction gamma p --> p pi+ pi- pi0"
13 Dr. Vandana Tripathi (FSU), "Reactions with Light Weakly Bound Nuclear at Energies Around the Coulomb Barrier"
[Nuclear Faculty Candidate]
17 Dr. Steffen Strauch (George Washington), "Polarization Measurements in Single- and Double-Pion Photoproduction on Hydrogen"
[Nuclear Faculty Candidate]
20 Dr. Alexandra Gade (Michigan State), "Nuclear Spectroscopy with Fast Exotic Beams"
[Nuclear Faculty Candidate]
24 Dr. Leo Weissman (Michigan State), "Some Recent Advances in Experiments with Radioactive Beams"
[Nuclear Faculty Candidate]
27 Dr. Grigory Rogachev (Notre Dame), "Resonance Reactions with Rare Isotope Beams."
[Nuclear Faculty Candidate]
March 2004
2 Dr. Volker Crede (Bonn), "Open Questions in Hadron Physics: Spectroscopy with the Crystal-Barrel Detector"
[Nuclear Faculty Candidate]
5 Dr. David Urner (Cornell), "A Matter of Glue"
Friday- 2:30PM
[Nuclear Faculty Candidate]
12 Dr. Steve Dytman (Pittsburgh), "Fundamental Physics from e+e- Total Hadronic Cross Section Data"
19 Dr. Chavdar Stoyanov (MSU/Fulbright, Bulgaria), "Microscopic Quasiparticle-Phonon Approach to Nuclear Structure"
26 Dr. Dennis Weygand (JLAB), "New Techniques and New Results for Photo-Excited Baryons at CLAS"
April 2004
2 Akis Pipidis (FSU), "The gamma-gamma-gamma new chapter of {157,158,159}^Dy. Greek life at FSU or doing science?"
9 Dr. Michael Fauerbach (Florida Gulf Coast University), "Near Earth Asteroids"
16 Dr. Karin Lagergren (FSU), "Recoil-decay tagging spectroscopy of 161^Re"
23 Matt Redshaw (FSU), "How Do You Detect a Single Ion in a Penning Trap ?"