Florida State Nuclear Physics Seminar

Location: 7th Floor Seminar Room (Keen Bldg)
Time: Fridays at 2:30 p.m.

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Date Description
January 2011
07 First Week of Classes
14 -
21 -
28 -
February 2011
04 Daniel Santiago Gonzalez (FSU): "Breaking shells and collecting the pieces: Triple configuration coexistence in 44S"
18 Prof. Sean Liddick (Michigan State University): "Isomer spectroscopy in neutron-rich nuclei near N = 40"
25 Anthony Kuchera (FSU): "The search for nuclear molecules in isobaric analog states of 10B"
March 2011
04 Farrooh Fattoyev (FSU): "Relativistic effective interaction for nuclei, giant resonances, and neutron stars"
11 FSU Spring Break
18 Dr. Ingo Wiedenhover (FSU): cancelled
25 Benjamin Eakins (FSU): cancelled
April 2011
01 Melina Avila (FSU): "Clustering phenomena in 18O"
08 Dr. Kirby Kemper (FSU): "How can a nuclear physicist know anything about Fukushima-Daiichi reactors? My life on skype for two weeks"
15 Darren McGlinchey (FSU): "Cold Nuclear Matter Effects on J/&psi Production"
22 Nathan Sparks (FSU): "Photoproduction of Neutral Pions with CBELSA/TAPS"
29 Week of the Finals
May 2011
03 Dr. Susan Schadmand (Forschungszentrum Julich): "What are decaying mesons trying to tell us?"
Comment: Special Seminar, Tuesday(!)