Florida State Nuclear Physics Seminar

Location: UPL 101
Time: Fridays at 2:30 p.m.

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 Date  Description
January 2014
First Week of Classes: "Qualifying Examinations"
17 Wei-Chia Chen (FSU): "Building Relativistic Mean-Field Models for Atomic Nuclei and Neutron Stars"
24 -
31 -
February 2014
07 -
14 Dr. Jeremiah Murphy (FSU): "A Star Explodes in M82!"
  1. Sean Kuvin (FSU): "Spectroscopy of low-lying proton resonances using ResoNEUT"
  2. Joseph Belarge (FSU): TBA
28 -
March 2014
07 Dr. Eric Swanson (University of Pittsburgh): "The New Heavy Mesons"
14 FSU Spring Break
21 Dr. Takemichi Okui (FSU): "What if neutrinos are Majorana fermions?"
  1. Johnathan Gross(FSU): TBA
  2. Konstantinos Kravvaris (FSU): TBA
  3. Mark Lingle (FSU): TBA
April 2014
04 APS Spring Meeting, Savannah, GA
11 Dr. Barry Davids (TRIUMF): "A Glimpse of Nuclear Astrophysics and Structure at TRIUMF-ISAC"
18 Aristeidis Tsaris (FSU): canceled
25 Rutger Dungan (FSU): "Gamma Ray Spectroscopy of 19O"
May 2014
02 Week of the Finals
30 Dr. Felix Liang (Faculty Candidate, Oak Ridge): "The Effects of Neutron Transfer on Nuclear Fusion at Low Energies"
June 2014
05 Dr. Claudio Ugalde (Faculty Candidate, ANL): "Neutron sources and the nucleosynthesis of elements in the universe"
23 Special Monday Seminar Dr. Mitch Allmond (ORNL): "Magic and Semi-Magic Nature of Tin Isotopes"
26 Special Thursday Seminar Dr. Sergio Almaraz-Calderon (Faculty Candidate, Argonne National Laboratory): "Nuclear Astrophysics with MUSIC"
30 Special Monday Seminar Dr. Steven Pain (Faculty Candidate, Oak Ridge): "Exotic Nuclei studied with GODDESS"
July 2013
02 Special Wednesday Seminar Dr. Kelly Chipps (Faculty Candidate, Oak Ridge): "Stars in the Lab"
August 2014