Florida State Nuclear Physics Seminar

Location: 7th Floor Seminar Room (Keen Bldg)
Time: Fridays at 2:30 p.m.

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 Date  Description
January 2015
First Week of Classes: "Qualifying Examinations"
16 Dr. Andrew Wilson (University of Bonn, HISKP): "Hadron Spectroscopy with the PANDA Experiment at GSI"
23 Dr. Raffaela Margutti (Astrophysics Faculty Candidate, Havard University): "Explosive Transients in the era of Time Domain Astronomy"
30 Dr. Rob de Meijer (University of the Western Cape): "Antineutrino monitoring of nuclear power plants"
February 2015
06 - TBA
  1. Jonathan Baron (FSU): "High-Spin Structure of 157Ho"
  2. Nabin Rijal (FSU): "A study of Lithium destruction and its implication on the Big Bang Nucleosynthesis"
  1. Pei-Luan Tai (FSU): not available
  2. David McPherson (FSU): "Low-lying octupole vibration excitations 48,49Ca and 50Sc"
27 Dr. David Rubin (Astrophysics Faculty Candidate, FSU): "From Pixels to Physics: The Accelerated Expansion of Supernova Cosmology" (not confirmed)
March 2015
  1. Rebeka Lubna (FSU): TBA
  2. Lagy Baby (FSU): TBA
13 FSU Spring Break
20 John J Parker (FSU): "Isomeric Character of the First 4+ State in Sulfur-44: Mechanisms of Breaking the N=28 Shell"
27 Mark Lingle (FSU): "A Configuration Space Monte Carlo Algorithm for Solving the Nuclear Pairing Problem" (Thesis Defense)
April 2015
03 - Any APS practice talks?
10 APS Spring Meeting, Baltimore, MD
  1. Mozammel Hussain (FSU): "Semileptonic Decay of the Λc in the Quark Model and the Heavy Quark Effective Theory"
  2. Maria Anastasiou (FSU): "How do we tell neutrons from gammas? Optimizing neutron detection"
  1. Brittany Abromeit (FSU): "Walk Correction for FSU Pixie-16"
  2. Jorge Piekarewicz (FSU): "Nuclear Physics of Neutron Stars"
May 2015
01 Week of the Finals
08 Dr. Alan Wuosmaa (University of Connecticut): "Transfer reactions with exotic beams: challenges and opportunities"
June 2015
  1. R.T. deSouza (Indiana University): "Taking pictures at the one electron limit"
  2. Justin Vadas (Indiana University): "Does the alpha cluster structure in light nuclei survive the fusion process?"
July 2015
  1. Claudio Spitaleri (INFN Catania and University of Catania): "Nuclear atstrophysics research at Catania"
  2. Marco la Cognata (INFN Catania): "Preliminary results from the 6Li(3He,d)7Be experiment"