E852 Computing Resources

Misc. information

List of systems available for use by E852 people

HostnameModelCPURAMScratch disks
Physgi01.phy.bnl.govSGI Challenge S1xR4400 at 175 MHz128 Mbytes
Physgi02.phy.bnl.govSGI Indigo R40001xR4000 at 100 MHz48 Mbytes-
Physgi03.phy.bnl.govSGI Challenge L8xR4400 at 250 MHz256 Mbytes(see below)
PhyPPro0.phy.bnl.govLinux PC2xP6 at 200 MHz128 Mbytes-
Loki.phy.bnl.govSGI Challenge XL8xR4400 at 200 MHz256 Mbytes(see below)
mpsdaq.ags.bnl.govSGI 4D4404xR3000 at 40 MHz256 Mbytes~5 Gbytes
qgs.phy.bnl.govSGI Indy R4600R4600 at 100 MHz48 Mbytes-
a2.phy.bnl.govSGI Indy R4600R4600 at 100 MHz48 Mbytes-
b1.phy.bnl.govSGI Indigo R4000R4000 at 100 MHz48 Mbytes-
a0.phy.bnl.govSGI Indigo R4000R4000 at 100 MHz48 Mbytes-
lemond.phy.bnl.govSGI 4D35R3000 at 36 MHz16 Mbytes-

List of other systems being used to process E852 data

ax61.bnl.govIBM RS6000/56030
ax62.bnl.govIBM RS6000/590130
ax63.bnl.govIBM RS6000/590130
ax64.bnl.govIBM RS6000/37025
ax67.bnl.govIBM RS6000/37025
sun2.bnl.govSUN Sparc 20-
sun3.bnl.govSUN Ultra-
pro1.bnl.gov200 MHz Intel P6 under Solaris-

X terminals

A number of X terminals is available in the Physics building and in the MPS control room. These include:

CPU resources

The main CPU resources are physgi03 and loki. Both systems have established CPU usage policies.

Disk resources

The following disks are available for scratch storage:

Note: there are no automagic backups of scratch disks. If a disk crashes, all the data on it will be lost. Disk users are expected to back their data to tape themselves as often as they deem necessary.

Tape resources

The following tape drives are available for use:

When reading E852 data tapes, make sure to always use the variable block device.

CO 1995-Aug-07 revised, CO 1995-Sep-26