About E852 Web Pages

About E852 Web Pages

The E852 pages have been divided into two major sections. The first is the main E852 page. It contains information of interest to general public. The introduction pages are designed to give background into the purpose of E852. Descriptions of the physics, theoretical background, and experimental setup are provided.

The main page also contains information which may be useful to both visitors and E852 members. This type of information includes member Web pages, abstracts and publications. There are also additional physics notes and reviews of general use.

The second part of the E852 Web pages is devoted to information for E852 members. It is secured and designed to facilitate information transfer between members. This will hopefully speed up publication of results. More information about this section is availible to members. You need to know the password to access this area of the Web.

Suggestions regarding these Web pages are welcomed and can currently be sent to Sasha Ostrovidov.

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