Physics 4702 , Florida State University

Professor Paul M Eugenio
205/315 Keen, Department of Physics
Florida State University

Teaching Assistant:
Rafey Hashmi
Office Hours: By Appointment

Text: Paul Davidovits, Physics in Biology and Medicine, 4th Edition

This is the first semester of a two-semester sequence intended to discuss the applications of physics concepts (covered in College Physics, PHY 2053 and 2054) to biological systems and in medical applications. The first-semester course will cover the physical basis of some common biological processes. It will discuss the physics of bio-statics, bio-dynamics, fluid motion (blood flow), heat and thermodynamics of living systems (respiration and osmosis), and structure and function of muscles. The physics prerequisite for this course is PHY2053. The level of mathematical skills necessary to complete this course is proficiency with algebra and trigonometry.



Note: Some lecture material (i.e. board work and general discussions) may not be included in these handouts. Please feel free to come by my office at any time and ask questions.
Paul M Eugenio, Department of Physics, Florida State University