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Hadronic Nuclear Physics
Dr. Alexander Ostrovidov
Research Physicist


Location & Contact
(room) 1-14 NRB (LCRL)
(time) Mon-Fri, 10am-7pm
(email) aostrovidov@fsu.edu
(ph) 850/644-6226
(fax) 850/644-4478 (fax)
(address) 315 Keen Bldg., FSU,
(address) Tallahassee, FL 32306


Ph.D.    Moscow State University (Russia), 1990
"The processes of hadron production and absorption in nuclear matter at 9 GeV/c and 530 GeV/c"
M.S.    Moscow State University (Russia), 1987
"Multichannel hodoscopic lead-glass gamma-spectrometer"

  • 1985: Joined the field of hadronic nuclear physics as a student in the Laboratory of Hadronic Interactions at Nuclear Physics Institute of Moscow State University.
  • 1985-1992: SMS-MSU experiment at JINR, Dubna. Measurement of the proton-nucleon cross sections inside the atomic nuclei to understand the space-time picture of hadron formation.
  • 1989-1990: E672 experiment at FNAL. Measurement of the J/psi-nucleon interaction cross section inside nuclei.
  • 1992-2007: E852 experiment at BNL. Search for mesons with unusual quantum numbers. Data acquisition system. Partial wave analysis. Contribution to the discovery of the pi1(1600) and pi1(1400) exotic mesons. Confirmation of some non-exotic hybrid meson candidates.
  • Since 2002: CLAS experiment at JLAB. Search for four-quark mesons and pentaquarks. Partial wave analysis for photon-induced hadroproduction.
  • Since 2004: Future GlueX experiment at JLAB. R&D work on detector prototype and software.
  • Since 2002: Research on advanced computing at FSU.Tools for hadron spectroscopy analysis in cluster and Grid enviroments.


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